MoneyManagerEx beta

The new development versions can be downloaded from using the following link:

What's new

  • Custom Reports has been temporarily removed (under construction). Will be introduced in next release.
  • Account balance in CSV export [feature-requests:#136] (partial implementation)
  • Proxy server settings [feature-requests:#181]
  • Report added [feature-requests:#224]
  • Added 2nd graph [feature-requests:#239]
  • In place edit for assets
  • Fix crash when quitting from start page

  • Fix for currency separators [bugs:#224]

  • Fix to transaction dialog [bugs:#225]
  • Specify database to open on command line [feature-requests:#245]
  • Fix for translations [bugs:#222]
  • Fix account balance [bugs:#223]
  • Test project changed from UnitTest++ to cppunit (no tests currently written)

  • Fix cancel button [feature-requests:#255]

  • Added sorting in reports [feature-requests:#243], [feature-requests:#250]

  • Fix crash on export to HTML [bugs:#215]

  • Updated to wxWidgets 3.0
  • Updated to wxSQLLite3 version 3.0.5 (SQLite3 version
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Restructured code so database is accessed via data classes instead of raw SQL [feature-requests:#244)

  • Updated to use C++11

  • Fix quarterly budget estimate calculation.
  • Fix help info by including a status bar.
  • Improved Navigation panel Account switching to fix:
  • Transaction Filter memory between accounts
  • Copy/Paste across accounts.
  • Updated icons
  • Fixed Search field for Checking accounts
  • Added sort order for Stocks and Assets panels [feature-requests:#247]

  • Updated Currency manager

  • Added set of user defined parameters for Transaction Report
  • Added user defined icons for accounts
  • New/Edit Transaction Dialogue updated
  • Simple line calculator added for amount fields
  • Split transactions improvements
  • Payee Dialogue updated
  • Categories Dialogue Updated
  • Added Filter for Repeating Transactions panel
  • Remove progress bar from Checking panel as too fast to be useful.
  • Fix crash using Transaction Report using Vista / USB
  • Fix crash using Cash Flow Report when a Repeating Transaction becomes inactive using frequency of: in/every x days/months
  • Added print and preview for Home Page
  • Duplicate Asset function added
  • QIF Export/Import updated

Note:The Windows Development setup version will install in a separate area to the Release. This makes it easier for users wanting to compare the 2 versions. Uninstalling the development version should not affect the release version.


Bugs: #215
Bugs: #222
Bugs: #223
Bugs: #224
Bugs: #225
Feature Requests: #136
Feature Requests: #181
Feature Requests: #224
Feature Requests: #239
Feature Requests: #243
Feature Requests: #247
Feature Requests: #250
Feature Requests: #255

Posted by Nikolay 2013-11-26