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Participate in the OLAP Survey 2006

Is Mondrian the star of your project? Want to tell the world why you think Open Source OLAP ROCKS? Consider filling out the OLAP Survey 6, the largest independent survey of business intelligence users worldwide.

The OLAP Survey is strictly independent. While vendors (like us) assist by inviting users to participate in the Survey, the vendors do not sponsor the survey, nor influence the questionnaire design or survey results. As a participant, you will not only have the opportunity to ensure your experiences are included in the analyses, but you will also receive a summary of the results from the full survey. You will also have a chance of winning one of ten $50 Amazon vouchers.

For more details about the OLAP Survey 6 and the OLAP Report, visit

This is our chance to put Open Source OLAP on the charts! Go to to complete the survey.

Partners Worldwide Choose Pentaho for BI

Pentaho is very pleased to announce that more than a dozen organizations have joined the Pentaho Partner Program, bringing their skills and expertise to the Pentaho community. Working together, Pentaho and its partners will work to accelerate deployment of open source BI, and bring the benefits of BI to customers around the world.

Check out the list of Pentaho partners at

This Week's Tech Tip: Setting up Parameters With the Design Studio - Parameters Made Easy

How do you specify parameters to a report, and pass a list of valid values to display to the user for selection? Check out this week's tech tip for the easy solution using the Pentaho Design Studio. The article can be found at


Thanks for your interest in the Pentaho project and helping us make Open Source Business Intelligence a reality and a great alternative to proprietary closed source vendors! Contact us with comments, suggestions, complaints and praise.

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Posted by Gretchen Moran 2006-05-18