#11 Ability to change services on profile level


Hi there,

When you make a host use a certain host and service
profile you can overwrite all the parameters of the
different services and the parameters of the host.

So for hosts at different locations I can create
different host profiles in which (at profile level) I
can overwrite the default values. At service level this
is not possible.

An example:
I have a default service profile which is the same for
all hosts except that the contact group might change.
Now I can create a service profile and then a host
profile and from there create all my hosts. But I still
have to edit every service instance on every host to
set the contact group. It would be nice if it could be
made possible to edit a service at service profile
level. That way I would create profiles for the
different contact groups and accordingly create hosts
for the different contact groups.

Would this be possible? Or are there other drawbacks to
this approach that will eventually prevent this from
ever being implemented?

Kind regards,
M. van Leeuwen


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    Sorry forgot:

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  • Groundwork

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    The focus of the last release (2.0) was the groups function which in a round about way addresses this suggestion. I think this is a still a good idea and will keep it open for the next major release.