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Mona OS 0.3.0 released

* Mona 0.3.0 RELEASE NOTE
** Overview
This the first release of Mona for daily use.
You can listen to music, run a web server and do some work with an interactive shell.

** Major changes since 0.2.0.
- Ported uIP httpd (Higepon).
- Added KVM virtio-net driver (Higepon).
- Added Scheme-based Shell (Higepon)
- libc implementation (Shotaro Tsuji).
- Ported a Squirrel programing language (okayu).
- Added standard I/O and pipe (Higepon).
- Improved thread APIs (Higepon).
- Added sound player and driver (Shotaro Tsuji, .mjt and Higepon).
- Improved CD-ROM access speed (junjunn).
- Improved console drawing speed (junjunn).
- Supported build on gcc 4.1.x (shadow).
- Added VFS (Higepon).
- Support build on Linux.
- Added APM support (Shotaro Tsuji).
- Ported Mesa (Nanashi and pol).
- Added Stack auto expansion (Higepon).
- Improved Memory management (Higepon).
- Boot from CD-ROM (Higepon and Nananshi).... read more

Posted by higepon 2009-10-09

Mona OS 0.3.0alpha released Scheme based shell has come

Release 0.3.0 alpha9
This is a feature release that includes a experimental version of new Scheme based shell by Higepon.
You can use Scheme for a shell script and shell commands.

the Scheme shell supports
- lambda.
- call-process/start-process.
- call-with-current-continuation(call/cc).
- Almost of the Revised5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme(R5RS) features.
- An abbreviation of parentheses.
- Emacs like key bindings (C-a/C-e/C-f/C-b/C-k).... read more

Posted by higepon 2007-05-27

Emacs Lisp mona-compile.el released

mona-compile.el released, auto make support for Mona OS developer.

(require 'mona-compile)
(setq mona-compile-mona-dir-path"/home/higepon/mona")
(define-key global-map "\C-cq" 'mona-compile-exec-qemu)

Posted by higepon 2006-10-24

MonaOS 0.3.0alpha8 released

This is release 0.3.0 alpha8 of Mona OS, small, new and fast micro kernel operationg system written in C++.

main updates since 0.3.0 alpha7:

- simple web browser
- VFS support
- switch to Subversion
- support build on Linux with Mingw
- enhanced libc support
- APM support
- GUI selector on boot

Downdload is available here:
bootable floppy disk image.... read more

Posted by bayside 2006-10-09