I have no idea if you've received any replies as this list replies directly to the sender.
I run exactly the same configuration as you are trying to get going.
Issue A - I don't understand what you're saying here.
Issue B - you need a new line in Moin.py - "sys.path.insert(0, r'c:\moin\lib\site-packages')"
Issue C - See B
Issue D - This is a reported bug, change that line to read "if os.name == 'posix' and os.getuid() == 0:" so that the os check happens first.
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I am in the process of installing moinmoin.  As an initial attempt I am installing it on my personal LAN as a standalone wiki.  The specific machine is running Windows 2000 and already has Python 2.4 installed at C:\Python24.  Here is what has transpired so far:
  • following http://wiki.python.org/moin/HelpOnInstalling/BasicInstallation
  • following http://wiki.python.org/moin/HelpOnInstalling/WikiInstanceCreation
  • following http://wiki.python.org/moin/HelpOnInstalling/StandaloneServer
    I am left with several confusions:
    A: I presume that if I had followed the instructions for downloading Python, instead of already having it installed, I would have had the default directory structure
    B: given that c:\moin is in the pythonpath, why would python be unable to find this file?
    C: how is it the error is being reported in a file that does not exist where it is being reported to be.  Is this a bug?  In Python or MoinMoin?
    D: getuid is only defined for UNIX systems apparently.  How did I get to be executing Unix code in a windows installation.  Is this a MoinMoin bug?
    I hope someone can help de-confuse me on some or all of these issues!
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