Anyone interested in taking over development/maintenance of my SeeSaw macro?

I retired over 3 years ago, and although I kept up my interest in SeeSaw for a while - I produced another release and worked on correcting some deficiencies with it - my enthusiasm has been dwindling for some time. I used to religiously check SeeSaw against new releases of MoinMoin and jQuery but I've allowed several to slip past lately. 

Further, as my ex-work login that I used for development and maintaining the demonstration site is up for renewal at the end of this month, and as the conditions for continuation are more stringent this time, I've decided not to bother trying to make a case and am going to allow it to lapse. That site will be withdrawn at the same time.

Therefore, I won't be working on SeeSaw any more and would welcome someone taking it over. I will, of course, be happy to help whoever that might be to understand it.