Hello all,

I've noticed an odd behavior when editing pages (as text, not with the GUI editor) with Google Chrome.  If I have a newline followed by a line that starts with a single space, for example

 * List item

Google Chrome converts that leading space to a non-breaking space.  This breaks a couple of things, including dictionary definitions

 Name:: Description

Firefox does not do this, but leaves the leading space as a space.

An od command run against a Chrome-edited page:

0000060   p   l   o   y   m   e   n   t  \r  \n  \r  \n 302 240   O   r
           6c70    796f    656d    746e    0a0d    0a0d    a0c2    724f

And an od command on a Firefox edited page:

0000060   l   o   y   m   e   n   t  \r  \n       O   r   g   a   n   i
           6f6c    6d79    6e65    0d74    200a    724f    6167    696e

What I would really like to have happen, is that whenever a wiki page is saved, any non-breaking space characters at the front of lines get automatically replaced with plain old spaces.

Is there a recommended way to do this?


Dave C.