I have a few pages I have to stage occasionally. 

However, I don't do anything as fancy as a stage server, and I might suggest that's completely overkill.  All I do is simply draft the page on a new separate page on my personal wiki page (with read/write rights set to none for all but me).  Then, when comes time to make the page live, I simply copy the wiki markup and paste it into the target page.  Easy!

If you have a handful of images, you can upload them separately, or go into the backend and move them from the draft page to the target page.  Whichever is easier.


On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 8:57 AM, Mark Martinec <Mark.Martinec+moin@ijs.si> wrote:
(using moin-1.9.3)

I'd like to set up a staging area for a small subset of important
top-level wiki pages (about half a dozen). The intention is to prepare
and experiment with a new version of contents, then when everything
looks alright push the change to its primary location within the
document hierarchy, replacing the old-version of these same documents.

I wonder what would be a suitable and comfortable approach
to implement this.

Two ideas come to mind:

- set up an alternative back-side wiki, register it as an InterWiki,
 and use moin synchronization. This seems to be an overkill for staging
 just a few pages. Is it possible to synchronize from the same wiki???

- prepare the new set of pages (perhaps using templates), giving them
 a unique name, then Include() them from the primary document.
 Switching to a new version would involve replacing the name
 in the Include macro calls.

Any other suggestions?

Having a 'copy' action available (similar to 'rename') could be
useful too.


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