I am trying to run moin 1.5.8 over mod_wsgi but I am having some problems with it. Though my apache logs don't show any errors, when I try to access the application it hangs forever. Moinmoin works fine with moin.cgi, so I believe it must be some configuration error or maybe a problem my with mod_wsgi installation.

According to http://moinmo.in/HelpOnInstalling/ApacheWithModWSGI#head-fdc461b3291d1d5921e881ab4072ab3d8e1fc108, I should add the following line to my vhost configuration file:

WSGIScriptAlias /mywiki /var/www/moin/mywiki/moin.wsgi

I couldn't find the file moin.wsgi anywhere, is this the same as ../share/moin/server/moinwsgi.py? I am using it in my vhost configuration (copied it to a different location though, which is not the same as where my wiki instance is). If this is the right file, should I rename it?

My vhost file doesn't have any Location directives and I only have one wiki instance - in case that matters. I don't know what could be wrong with my configuration or mod_wsgi installation. If anyone has any ideas, please help!

Thanks in advance,