Not to worry, the upgrade script handles converting all built-in macros from [[ to <<.  There's also very good reasons for this change, so I highly doubt you'll get it back the old way (without simply sticking with the old version, haha!).

This page will give you an overview of the upgrade process:


On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 9:34 AM, Martin Woolley <> wrote:
we've been running MoinMoin 1.5.3 on an external web hosting company
successfully for 3 years.  We are in the process of moving it inhouse and
I've decided to ugrade to the latest version (1.6.1).

One thing that I found is that previously macros such as break line worked if
entered in the formatting language as [[BR]] but now they only appear to work
if entered as <<BR>>.  Is this configurable? We would rather like to keep the
square brackets rather than trawl all of our pages and change them to angled
Martin Woolley
ICT Support
Handsworth Grammar School
Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna

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