I would like to add an applet to my moinmoin wiki.
I have created an applet for a message board. It does the following:
you type "[xob]D3C5F6F5E6[/xob]" in the message board and it will put the following html code into the page.
<applet code="XOB.class" width="500" height="378" align="middle" archive="http://fnork.ath.cx/ocd/applets/xobt.jar"><param name="game" value="D3C5F6F5E6"></param></applet>

This will display the sequence of the game in an applet (similiar to a chess game applet).

How do do that in the wiki? I tried to write the "<applet..." stuff into a wiki page, but it will just be displayed as text.
I tried to read about macros and other stuff to do this, but I couldnt find what I need.

I hope you can help me there.

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