as on my previous mail, I do not went forward :-(
I'm still blocked on the installation.

My step ahead, it' s about one idea about my prob. I think my prob is the apache conf.
I mean: the moin moin installation, seems to be went ok, but, on the step where I add the wiki on my apache with command:
"a2ensite /etc/apache2/sites-available/wiki"I receive the error: "ERROR: No site found matching /etc/apache2/sites-available/wiki!
". If I omit the path, ad write the command "a2ensite wiki" I have no error.

But, on my browser, if I type "localhost/wiki"  I do not receive any answer from the web server.

can someone help me to solve this prob? it's some days that I'm struggling with it (and I lose every time :-( )