This is my fourth moinmoin 1.9.2 nfs wiki on Apache using mod_wsgi. On this new one, though I am superuser with no apparent typos, I don’t see the LanguageSetup page. The page header is there with RecentChanges, FindPage, and HelpContents tabs, but all tabs load the same default page  with only the “Create New Page” function available. I am using GivenAuth and Apache is getting authentication from Active Directory. The htdocs directory is in the right place (…share/moin/htdocs). From a source directory, I ran “setup.py install prefix=/nfs/…../pclwiki/moin-1.9.2  --record=install.log”. I then copied htdocs from the source dir to the correct directory and also copied the underlay and data directories to the instance_dir. I merely followed the previous wiki build notes.


Any ideas?