My wiki is not finding its help files.  I am configured with my data directory in a different location from my underlay directory. 
    data_dir = 'H:/Moin/pvtwiki/data/'
    data_underlay_dir = 'C:/Python27/share/moin/underlay/' 

When I click on HelpContents I get the Create New Page page. 

My base configuration is a local Apache server running Apache/2.2.16 (Win32), mod_wsgi/3.3, Python/2.7.1, PHP/5.3.4.  I have Moin 1.9.3 installed.  When I upgraded to Python 2.7 I installed the patch to Moin 1.9.3 (deleted a line from MoinMoin/support/werkzeug/  My mod_wsgi is working fine.