Andrew Premdas wrote:
1) Check that you are the same user with each browser or not logged on to the moin instance.
I haven't any user declared.
2) View the source in both browsers a page, and do a diff. Look in particular at the stylesheet includes at the top of the page, ensure you can find the stylesheets that are imported
I've done a windiff on the source and... it's exactly the same. I join it to this mail.
3) Look at you, ensure url prefix is correct - mine is url_prefix = '/wiki'
my url_prefix is "/wiki" too and, in httpd.conf I have the lines :

Alias /wiki "/home/site/moinmoin/htdocs/"
ScriptAlias /faq_dev "/home/site/moinmoin/cgi-bin/moin.cgi"

"ls" on "/home/site/moinmoin/htdocs/" :

debian:~# ls /home/site/moinmoin/htdocs/
applets  classic  index.html  rightsidebar  starshine  viewonly

"ls" on "/home/site/moinmoin/cgi-bin/" :

debian:~# ls /home/site/moinmoin/cgi-bin/
moin.cgi        moin_config.pyc  moin_modpy.htaccess  moin.fcg

4) Log on as a user in both browsers and try a different style (note: you will have to go to another page after you have approved the change of style to see the changes)
The changes are visibles with IE but, not changes with Firefox (except in the source code)
If all these are fine then I would suggest its Firefox - perhaps you have it customised to use different stylesheets? Try installing netscape and see if it has the same syptoms.

I have the same problem on other computers with firefox or mozilla
Hope this helps

Thanks for your help



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