Am Donnerstag, den 11.02.2010, 14:11 +0000 schrieb Chris G:

> What you maybe want to try is to use e.g. MonthCalendar and create pages
> with it. They'll have the date in the pagename as
> CalendarPage/YYYY-MM-DD format and thus can be sorted easily. You can
> also create such pages manually, of course.
Hmm, maybe, except that I really want descriptive names for the pages.

You can use the macro include to create a list sorted by dated and display the first h1 title for the link name

or you can use this to display upcoming entries:

> Also, you can of course add <<DateTime(...)>> macros to the content. You
> have to provide some timestamp to the macro as parameter (see what
> @DATETIME@ creates when saving). Those macros can be used if you need to
> refer to specific points in time and render them as reader's localtime
> for international readers (but still refering to the same point in
> time).
But I can't sort output with these timestamps can I?
maybe also try this macro http://moinmo.in/MacroMarket/CollectLists witch will collect some information from key:: data and sort them