I am trying to disable the surge protector by putting this in my wikiconfig.py:
surge_action_limits = { # allow max. <count> <action> requests per <dt> secs
        # action: (count, dt)
        'show': (1000, 60),
        'raw': (1000, 40),  # some people use this for css
        'AttachFile': (1000, 60),
        'diff': (1000, 60),
        'fullsearch': (1000, 60),
        'edit': (1000, 60),
        'rss_rc': (1000, 60),
        'default': (1000, 60),
    surge_lockout_time = 1 # secs you get locked out when you ignore warnings
I still get the Surge Protection warning locking me out of the wiki. Is there something else elsewhere that I need to configure?
I need to do that because I have about 500 users that can use the wiki at the same time, and when I test this, I get the error.
Thanks a lot