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IRClib 1.10 released

IRClib 1.10 has been released. It brings a completely new SSL-IRC implementation.

Whereas the old SSL-IRC support worked under SUN JDKs or with SUN's JSSE library only, the new SSL-IRC implementation tries to load the JDK's SSL classes first, and if this fails, it tries to load the JSSE SSL classes.
This gives a maximum of vendor independency.

The new release is triple-licensed under GNU LGPL, Apache License 2 and Eclipse License.... read more

Posted by chs 2006-11-03

IRClib also under EPL

IRClib is now licensed under the Eclipse Public License.
Additionally, it is still available under the terms of the GNU LGPL and the Apache License.

Archives of IRClib 1.04, which is still the latest release, are available on

There have no changes been made on IRClib, except a different indentation and a small change in its javadocs and two exception-printStackTrace()es.
I don't think these changes are worth a new release.

Posted by chs 2006-04-01

IRClib under both, LGPL and Apache License 2.0

IRClib is now licensed under both, the LGPL and Apache License 2.0.
The Apache-licensed-version of IRClib can be obtained from

Posted by chs 2005-09-23

moepII Memory module

I've written a senseless module for moepII that displays how much memory is currently being used and how much memory is available. Additionally, the module allows you to run the Garbage Collector to free some memory.
As you can see, the memory is very essential but I like it ;-).

You can download it at:

Posted by chs 2005-08-27

moepII 0.64

moepII 0.64 is available. moepII is an IRC Client. It's written in Java 1.4 and based on its sister-project IRClib.

The nicklist has been rewritten. Thanks to JList it's now much more faster and allows multiple selections.

moepII (and IRClib) is available at

Posted by chs 2003-11-23

moepII IRC Client 0.63

The version 0.63 of the GPLed Java IRC client software moepII is available.
The most important change is the new version of IRClib, 1.03, on which it is based. Additionally, some bugs were fixed; especially in the DCCGet module.

moepII and the LGPLed Java IRC library IRClib are available on

Posted by chs 2003-11-12

IRClib October-Summary

The October brought several good things for IRClib!

1. IRClib 1.0 was released. The latest version is IRClib 1.03. At the moment there isn't any reason to release a new version. An IRClib newspost was on the Frontpage for several days.
2. IRClib was downloaded >400 times this month and >1000 times in its life.
3. IRClib's homepage was visited >2700 times this month and >10000 times in its life.
5. IRClib has got a new stylesheet :-). The homepage should look more serious now.
6. IRClib has got a logo. It's a nice, green (#008000) dolphin. I chose the dolphin, because dolphins are intelligent and can comunicate similar like human beings (as far as i know).... read more

Posted by chs 2003-11-01

IRClib 1.03 (important)

IRClib is a Java library for IRC client programs. IRClib 1.03 fixes a bad bug in the onMode-event.

Due to a bad bug in the channelmode-event onMode(String channel, IRCUser user, IRCModeParser modes) IRClib 1.03 is there. The IRCModeParser sucked when somebody set more than one modes with one MODE command (i.e. mode +ooo nick1 nick2 nick3) since IRClib 1.01.

Please update your IRClib from You can see the javadocs online at

Posted by chs 2003-10-08

IRClib 1.01

(Please upgrade to 1.03!!) IRClib 1.01 is now available. IRClib is a Java library for IRC client applications.
You can get IRClib 1.01 at

The following scenario is now fixed: IRClib registers with the nickname "Moa:::%%" (or any other special chars). The server cuts the nickname and uses "Moa" for the user. But unfortunately it doesn't tell the user. Now IRClib recognizes when the nickname got changed by the server before the registration is completed.

Posted by chs 2003-10-03

IRClib 1.00 released

IRClib 1.00 is released. IRClib is a Java library for IRC (Internet Relay Chat) connections (client-side).
IRClib requires Java 1.2 or later and JSSE (not anymore since Java 1.4).

You can get IRClib at and

IRClib supports SSL-IRC, multi-listening, an IRC-mode-parser. mIRC colors can be parsed out automatically. It's documentated well and designed straightforwardly.

Posted by chs 2003-09-24

IRClib 0.90

IRClib 0.90 is available at

IRClib is a LGPLed Java library for Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Again I decided to change some things in the policy again. IRClib can now be used since Java 1.2! There's only one release for all Java versions. The sourcecode can be compiled under all J2SEs since 1.2. It requires JSSE. Since J2SE 1.4 IRClib does not require JSSE anymore.
The binary code which comes with the IRClib archives is compiled under Java 1.2.

Posted by chs 2003-09-11

IRClib 0.84

IRClib 0.84 is released. IRClib is ja LGPLed Java 1.3 / 1.4 library for IRC. Get it here:

- IRCUtil got totally revised. All numeric replies and numeric errors have now a leading RPL_ or ERR_ and very good javadoc documentation (including the format of incoming replies of the apropiate reply).
- The confusing IRCConnection.updateNick and former IRCConnection.setNick is removed; the library notices a nickchange before the connection is registered itself!
- onConnect and onDisconnect are now known as onRegistered and onDisconnected.... read more

Posted by chs 2003-09-03

IRClib 0.83 and moepII 0.61

The IRClib IRC java client library 0.83 is now released. The major change is that it can be used under Java 1.3 with the JSSE (java secure socket extensions) library.
Additionally, the IRC client moepII 0.61 is now available.

You can get both at

Posted by chs 2003-08-25

moepII IRC Client 0.60

moepII 0.60 is now available. moepII is an IRC client written in Java 1.4 and based on IRClib. The IRC client is available on

Again, the modules were the focus of the new release. Now modules have much more possibilities to manipulate the client and the IRC connection.

In addition the client now supports the DCC file transfer. Of course, it's written in two modules: DCCGet and DCCSend.

Posted by chs 2003-08-18

IRClib 0.82

Version 0.82 of IRClib, a java 1.4 library for Internet Relay Chat, is now available.

You can get IRClib at and its javadoc is at online.

It's licensed under the LGPL. The new version allows more than one IRCEventListener.

Posted by chs 2003-08-17

IRClib 0.81 and moepII 0.51

The Java IRC library IRClib is now available in version 0.81 with one bugfix and little speed improvements.
The Java IRC client moepII which is based on IRClib is also updated; now version 0.51. Its GUI got improved in some cases, especially the popups.

You can get IRClib and moepII at

Posted by chs 2003-08-08

IRClib 0.80 and moepII 0.50 (IRC library and client)

IRClib, a client-library for the IRC protocol, is now available as version 0.80. The IRC client-program moepII 0.50 is available.

In IRClib _the_ new feature is support of SSL connections.
Thus, also the moepII learned SSL connections. In addition the menus got strongly revised.

A tutorial about IRClib is now available on its homepage ( The new javadoc documentation is available under read more

Posted by chs 2003-07-31

moepII 0.49 IRC Client

The version 0.49 of the Java IRC client moepII has been released. The IRClib based swing application has now decent dialogs.

The client is available on

Posted by chs 2003-07-23

IRClib 0.70

The new IRClib 0.70 provides much better events. Now, the events not only provide the nickname (and the onQuit, onPart, onJoin events the username and host) about the active user. Instead, the userinformation (nickname, username, host) is now packed in a new IRCUser object and given as argument to the eventmethods.

IRClib 0.70 is available at or directly from the filelist read more

Posted by chs 2003-07-20

IRClib 0.63

Once again, with the new release of IRClib the IRCParser got improved. I'm happy that the class IRCParser treats the prefixes now really as it should. In addition, some bugs were fixed and the new release is compiled under Java 1.4.2.

You can get IRClib at You can check the javadoc documentation online on

IRClib is a java library for the IRC protocol.

Posted by chs 2003-07-06

moepII 0.47

The Java IRC client moepII 0.47 is available.

With the new version, the PasteDialog works now faster (and better, I hope) and a bad Module bug ist fixed. There's also a new module available to paste the playing Mp3 under WinAmp/Windows.

You can get it at

Posted by chs 2003-06-19

IRClib 0.62 & moepII 0.46

The java library for Internet Relay Chat (IRC) IRClib is now available in version 0.62. The client program for IRC moepII is now available in version 0.46.
You can get both at (The statistics are crazy? :))

Posted by chs 2003-06-10

IRClib 0.61

IRClib is a platform-independent (java) library for the Internet Relay Chat protocol.

You can get IRClib 0.60 at and And you can check IRClib's javadoc at

The bug that the onConnect event wasn't fired always was really getting on my nerves. I hope it's fixed now forever :-)
And again I had to change names: the onMessage event and the doMsg method are now known as onPrivmsg and doPrivmsg. I should have done that with the 0.60 release, sorry.... read more

Posted by chs 2003-06-06

IRClib 0.60

IRClib is a platform-independent (java) library for the Internet Relay Chat protocol.

You can get IRClib 0.60 at and And you can check IRClib's javadoc at

With the new version 0.60, the handling of the IRCConnection changes a bit:
The connection must be invoked explicitly by calling IRCConnection.connect.
Additionally, the names of the IRCActionAdapter and -Listener have changed into IRCEventAdapter and -Listener and the method to add it has changed from IRCConneciton.addIRCActionListener into IRCConnection.setEventListener.
The deprecated IRCParser.getLeading is now deleted, same as the constructors of IRCConnection which have the IRCEventListener as argument (use setEventListener instead). ... read more

Posted by chs 2003-06-03

IRClib 0.52 and moepII 0.45

IRClib 0.52 and moepII 0.45 are now available.

IRClib has only changed the name of the IRCParser.getLeading method into IRCParser.getMiddle for more compliance with the RFC (don't want to use different names).

moepII has now a PasteDialog where the user can input a small text which is send to the IRC server. To not get a flood excess from the server, small the process sleeps between all lines for a short time.... read more

Posted by chs 2003-05-31