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Modulipse / News: Recent posts

Modulipse 0.0.3 released

Modulipse 0.0.3 has been released.
It is now possible to work with Modula-2 source files that are outside the workspace.

Posted by José David Moreno Juárez 2009-06-23

Modulipse web site available

The Modulipse web site is now available at http://modulipse.sourceforge.net.
Some improvements to come.

Posted by José David Moreno Juárez 2008-01-22

Version 0.0.2 released

-Procedure folding now works correctly for nested procedures.
-Overlay icon to distinguish Modula-2 projects.
-Added code templates for procedure definitions.
-User guide has been updated and reorganized.
-Removed unnecessary classes and icons.

Posted by José David Moreno Juárez 2008-01-11

Wiki now available

There is now a small user guide at http://modulipse.wiki.sourceforge.net/.

Posted by José David Moreno Juárez 2007-12-26

Modulipse released

First version of Modulipse has been released.
Modulipse is a Modula-2 IDE based on the Eclipse platform.
Supported features include: syntax highlighting, keyword completion, procedure folding, code templates, project building and launching, wizards and error markers.

Posted by José David Moreno Juárez 2007-12-24