#1 File opening problems

Kenton Varda
Eric Friesen

modplug-xmms supports zipped modules and extended module formats (xm, s3m, it, etc.) but it doesn't work with the zipped extended modules:


Modplug player opens these files like the .mdz modules but recognizes them as the formats they are. I tried to fix this by tinkering around with the ifplayable (so) function and making it return true on these extensions. But it hung up after it tried to load them when it gets to the section where it reads the module header information and it goes: if xmz do the xmz header load code, if it is s3m.. etc.

and then it does an else and assumes that it is a compressed module and not a compressed extended module.

I couldn't figure out the clean way to make this change so I hope you can help out

This shouldn't be too hard to fix, but is rather needed IMHO.

If you take a look at this, give me buzz on ICQ or email


  • Kenton Varda
    Kenton Varda

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  • Kenton Varda
    Kenton Varda

    For compressed mods, the file type is detected by content, so if you give all your files the extension .mdz, it will work fine.