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new releases

As we are currently fixing bugs and improving the performance we decided to
release another version of modlogan only 3 days after modlogan 0.7.11.

The Bugfixes in this release are addressed to all users of the 'splitby'
option, all the other users will get more speed, new features and a new
command-line-option which will affect all users.

Security warning:

Before we start with the changes of this release we have to publish a
security warning for modlogan:... read more

Posted by Jan Kneschke 2002-01-05

back on

The CVS at has been replaced by the current CVS which was hosted at will now be the new home of the CVS as more and more developers will contribute to the code.

Posted by Jan Kneschke 2001-09-02

ModLogAn 0.5.6 is considered stable

ModLogAn 0.5.6 is the first release of ModLogAn on SourceForge and the first release that is considered stable. Take your chance and get your copy in the download area.

Posted by Jan Kneschke 2000-10-29

ModLogAn needs a logo

After an half year of the development ModLogAn needs a logo. The code is great, the documentation evolving, but a nice logo is currently still missing. If you are good at 'fine art' submit your results to

Posted by Jan Kneschke 2000-10-29