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Kyle Bryson

Mod Enabler

Tower! 2011 is an excellent game made even better by the contributions of the community on these forums. However, there hasn't been a good way to gather and apply all those tips and tweaks until now.

Mod Enabler is an easy-to-use program that allows to apply and remove individual modifications (mods) to your installation with a single click. Now available: Version 0.2! New mods include:

  • ATL one-way ramps
  • LAX East and West ops setups
  • Dick Parker's NAC cargo schedule

And mods from earlier versions like:

  • Missing Airlines
  • Missing Airports
  • US Airways call sign
  • Adjusted values for
    • Embraer speed
    • 744 takeoff length

Some upcoming mods include:

  • Real cargo schedules
  • Terminal assignments
  • More livery coverage
  • Additional terminals/gates at some airports

See the complete [VersionHistory] for more info.

But there's no need to wait for me! Anyone can write mods and use them easily with Mod Enabler.

Check out the Tower! 2011 forums to discuss the game and mods.


Wiki: VersionHistory