Support for Drupal 7 passwords

  • Chris

    It would be helpful if Drupal 7 password hashes could be used for authentication. 

    They are SHA512, with a non-apache style base64 encoding.  I have created a version that will do it and I could submit it to be used as a starting point.  I would say that it is currently stable, but not bullet proof, since it's just a few lines it should not be to far from that state.  It currently only supports Drupal 7 hashes, Drupal 7 itself, allows for a couple of legacy hashes to support upgraded systems - this would not be too hard to add.


  • Anonymous

    Yes, i want that! Please make this compatible with Drupal 7 hashes, so i can integrate with my website user database.

  • Raphaël Droz
    Raphaël Droz

    cehailey, would you want to post it in the "patch" area so that other people may benefit from it please ?
    Let's hope the maintainer may also want to push all the pending patches (most of them adding some useful feature) to a next release.