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  • john doe
    john doe

    I will limit connections count per virtual host on my apache server, but I don't know what value set in AvailableSlotsPercent. If I will manage all apache slots with mod_slotlimit should I have it on 100 and MaxConnectionsPerSite to 50 and all virtual hosts on the server are then limited to max 50 active connections? What if I leave AvailableSlotsPercent on default 13 percent? thnx for help

    • john doe
      john doe

      ok I receive answer from Luca Ercoli, developer of mod_slotlimit, and he wrote:

      "AvailableSlotsPercent directive is useful only when there are few slot
      free. For example if you have set MaxConnectionsPerSite to 50 and on your
      server there are only 15 free slot but www.test.com use 30 slot, when
      he will use it's other 20 slots you will raise Maxclient and apache
      will hang. In this case is useful AvailableSlotsPercent that balance resources
      using dynamic slot allocation algorithm. It start to act only when there
      are free a little percentage of apache total slots available (for
      default 13). Before that apache will raise it's limit AvailableSlotsPercent redefine dinamically and temporary
      MaxConnectionsPerSite. If you do not want use AvailableSlotsPercent you
      can also set it's value to 0."

    • Lucian

      Thanks very much for posting his answer here where all the public can read!