From: "" <>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 07:17:57 -0500
To: "" <>
Subject: [mod-security-users] Forum reply being blocked by mod_security

I'm not getting very far with the software developers so I'm now appealing to the experts here to find a solution to my problem.

It appears mod_security is triggering on the word nmap within a forum post, preventing replies to the thread. Link is here:

The mod_security log shows the following:

Access denied with code 501 (phase 2). Pattern match "(?:\\b(?:(?:n(?:et(?:\\b\\W+?\\blocalgroup|\\.exe)|(?:map|c)\\.exe)|t(?:racer(?:oute|t)|elnet\\.exe|clsh8?|ftp)|(?:w(?:guest|sh)|rcmd|ftp)\\.exe|echo\\b\\W*?\\by+)\\b|c(?:md(?:(?:32)?\\.exe\\b|\\b\\W*?\\/c)|d(?:\\b\\W*?[\\\\/]|\\W*?\\.\\.)|hmod.{0,40}? ..." at REQUEST_HEADERS:X-Ajax-Referer. [file "/usr/local/apache/conf/modsec2.user.conf"] [line "149"] [id "959006"] [msg "System Command Injection"] [data "/nmap-"] [severity "CRITICAL"] [tag "WEB_ATTACK/COMMAND_INJECTION"]

This is the first time I've run across this, but it seems to be a common occurrence with the Xen Foro software package. If a post contains a key word as defined in the mod_security rules, replying to the thread is prevented.

Personally, I feel this is a software issue with Xen Foro. But I'm covering all my bases in my search for a fix.

What CRS rules version are you using?  You might want to upgrade -

The false positive is matching data in the REQUEST_HEADERS:X-Ajax-Referer data.  The rule you are using is probably already excluding the normal Referer field like this -
What version of ModSecurity are you using?  If it is v2.6 you can use SecRuleUpdateTargetsById to prevent that variable from being inspected by that rule like this -

SecRuleUpdateTargetsById 959006 "!REQUEST_HEADERS:X-Ajax-Referer"

Hope this helps,

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