Iptables rules I written previously does not matter ip origin even if it is a bogus one (as Those rules prevents for service bursting. Try to use it and if it doesn't work delete it.
Kind regards

El 20/11/2013 15:09, "Jamie Riden" <jamie.riden@gmail.com> escribió:
On 20 November 2013 13:46, Winfried Neessen <neessen@cleverbridge.com> wrote:
> If limited to Apache/Application Layer, you might also want to check out
> mod_antiloris against Slowloris.
> http://mod-antiloris.sourceforge.net/

Thanks Jose, Winfried,

I'm afraid the web server is only seeing the internal NAT IP address
at that point, so I can do neither iptables nor mod_antiloris.

(For anyone reading this thread in future, the above are the sensible
way to go, if you can :)

Jamie Riden / jamie@honeynet.org / jamie.riden@gmail.com

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