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Compile problems using httpd 2.4.x (new API)

  • Hi Pascal,

    to avoid hijacking the "mod_qos on windows" thread I open a new one.

    > Read and respond to this message at:
    > https://sourceforge.net/projects/mod-qos/forums/forum/697421/topic/5080173
    > By: pbuchbinder

    but I have problems to compile mod_qos for httpd 2.4.x

    > I take the dig :) Thanks for participating the forum!!

    Oh, good news. And I must admit that it was a little bit my hope that you
    read that "mini dig" that should naturally mainly an information for other readers ;-)

    But I was not just a lazy mod_qos user: To circumvent compile errors like

    mod_qos.c: In function 'qos_verify_milestone':
    mod_qos.c:1505:7: error: 'conn_rec' has no member named 'remote_ip'

    I played a little bit with changing occurrences of "->remote_ip" into "->client_ip" (don't know if eventually also "->peer_ip" must be used) and that first compile problem itself vanished (no idea of the functionality was still correct).

    But even the next compilation hurdle regarding

    ap_my_generation (is obsolete in 2.4)

    was too high for me as C-layman (although I skimmed http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/developer/new_api_2_4.html).

    So I had currently only two alternatives

    1) using still Apache httpd 2.2.x and the benefits of mod_qos
    2) using the improvements of Apache httpd 2.4.x but abandon mod_qos.

    But now there is a little bit hope for

    3) using the improvements of Apache httpd 2.4.x AND the benefits of mod_qos!



  • a) What features of mod_qos would you like to have within Apache 2.4? Some will be very time intensive to port.
    b) What MPM are you gong to use?

  • mod_qos 10.5 compiles with Apache 2.4 BUT:
    1) be careful when using QS_Srv* directives (they probably do not work as expected because connection records are cleared after a quite long time)
    2) QS_SrvMinDataRate is not available (use http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/mod_reqtimeout.html instead)

  • MrCage

    So using RequestReadTimeout as replacment of QS_SrvMinDataRate on Apache 2.4 works quite well, but what about disabling this enforcement on a location ()?
    With mod_qos, I can use QS_SrvMinDataRateOffEvent, but if I have to use RequestReadTimeout , this only works on server and virtual host...