mod_gzip released!

Changes in Version

* mod_gzip_update_static Yes/No

This new directive controls wether mod_gzip should re-gzip
outdated precompressed files. mod_gzip compresses a copy
of the original file, use it with care! No other modules can
handle the content of these HTTP requests.

* bugfix for long lines

In older versions, mod_gzip had a problem with HTTP
header lines longer than 4k. This bug has been fixed.

* bugfix for POST-requests on Win32

Previous mod_gzip versions had a problem with
POST-request whose bodies were larger than 4 or 8k. No it
declines them and does not compress their output any more.

* Vary bugfix

The previous version of mod_gzip sent Vary headers in too
many cases. You could control this behavior by doing
something like

<Files ~ "\.(jpg|gif|png)$">
mod_gzip_send_vary Off

But now this is not longer necessary. mod_gzip sends no
Vary headers when the request is excluded by 'file', 'uri' or

* Netware patch

Guenter Knauf (<>) wrote a patch for
Netware. It's now included.

* Documentation included

The mod_gzip documentation is now included in the
download package. There is also a mod_gzip.conf.sample
file included.

Posted by Christian Kruse 2002-10-01