install on HP

  • I am trying to get a module build for Apache; however, I
    am not able to get it built correctly because it complains
    that make does not know how do to the install. I am
    trying to do this on uskwebt1 and the file is located
    in /opt1/ApacheModule.

    The instructions for how to do this is as followed:

    This will build a new Apache with mod_gzip statically
    built in.

    The DSO-Version is much easier to build. Just type

    make APXS=/opt/HTTPServer/bin/apxs

    make install APXS=/opt/HTTPServer/bin/apxs

    This is the result that I get when I try it.

    <secret host>:/opt1/ApacheModules# make

    Make: No arguments or description file. Stop.

    <secret host>:/opt1/ApacheModules# make install

    Make: Don't know how to make install. Stop.