Cannot load: undefined symbol: top_module

  • I've tried to install the binary distribution of mod_gzip on an Apache/2.0.52 server running on SuSE 9.1 (kernel 2.6.4), but when I restart Apache I get the error message:

    Syntax error on line 245 of /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf:
    Cannot load /opt/lampp/modules/ into server: /opt/lampp/modules/ undefined symbol: top_module

    Line 245 is the line:
    LoadModule gzip_module modules/
    I basically took the whole configuration suggestion unmodified.

    I've tried the two latest versions of mod_gzip, which are avalible in the Files menu, but both produced the same result.

    The reason I use a binary distribution is, that I used a binary Apache instalation (that does not have all the files for the mod_gzip installation to work) - I just needed something I could get up and running before a tight dead line, and had not set Apache (with PHP, Perl etc.) up on Linux before.