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New mod_gcj and rhinola releases

mod_gcj is still alive! After one year of waiting for GCJ to mature some more, new versions for both mod_gcj and rhinola are available. The changes are mostly smaller fixes and enhancements, as well as adaptations to changes in GCJ. Both packages have been tested on Ubuntu 6.10. Let me know whether or not they work on other platforms!

Posted by Hannes Wallnoefer 2006-10-26

mod_gcj 0.8 with fixes for Debian, Fedora Core

mod_gcj 0.8 is out and contains fixes for bugs that prevented it from building on Debian and Fedora Core. It also contains a fix for parsing HTTP POST parameters, implements pruning of unused classloaders, anc includes a few other minor nice new features.

Posted by Hannes Wallnoefer 2005-08-11

Initial release of mod_gcj/Rhinola

Rhinola is a thin server-side JavaScript execution framework based on Mozilla Rhino running on top of mod_gcj. Rhinola 0.5 is the first public release. It provides easy means to include JavaScript and Java code, offering instant scriptability of any Java library or class.

Posted by Hannes Wallnoefer 2005-08-09

mod_gcj 0.7 released

mod_gcj 0.7 adds features like support for HTTP parameter parsing, character encodings, and advanced HTTP header processing including parsing and setting of cookies and date headers. In combination with GCJ 4.0, mod_gcj should now be ready for deployment of real-world web applications. Documentation has also been greatly enhanced since the 0.5 release, including guides for building, installing and configuring mod_gcj as well as writing and deploying mod_gcj handlers.

Posted by Hannes Wallnoefer 2005-07-28