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mod_blosxom v0.05 Release

mod_blosxom v0.05 has been released. It now has Multiple Weblog and Conditional GET request(ex. If-Modified-Since: etc..) support.
The traffic to Blog can be optimized now. Enjoy!

Posted by Hiroyuki OYAMA 2002-08-29

mod_blosxom 0.04 released

'mod_blosxom' is the Apache module which builds the extremely lightweight Weblog environment. 'mod_blosxom has inherited the function of 'Blosxom' and can share the same data and the same template.

* What is Blosxom?
Blosxom is the very compact and portable Weblog tool written by Rael Dornfest. Blosxom is the cool script of only 61 lines written by Perl. <>... read more

Posted by Hiroyuki OYAMA 2002-08-20