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Major update to mod_authn_dbi

The 0.9.0 Release of mod_authn_dbi is a major release. It adds new SQL keywords, fixes a crash which could occur when the database server was down, moves native SHA1 support to APR, and fixes several possible security bugs. The 0.9.0 release is the first to be under the Apache Software License 2.0. All users are recommended to upgrade.

Posted by Paul Querna 2004-03-02

First Release of authn_dbi at SourceForge

This is a major upgrade to the mod_authn_dbi module. This release includes the ability to construct completely custom SQL Queries, along with many other improvements.
New Configuration Directives:

* AuthnDbiDriverDir
* AuthnDbiOptions
* AuthnDbiPasswordFormat
* AuthnDbiPasswordQuery

This release is also the first since moving the Project to SourceForge. Download from SourceForge If you have any problems or questions with mod_authn_dbi plesae use the mod-auth-users mailing list.

Posted by Paul Querna 2003-11-10