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Naomi - OCL Validation Framework / News: Recent posts


In order to circumvent problems regarding the apache licence and the LGPL, I dual-licenced the framework's "interfaces". These can now be used under the LGPL and the Academic Free Licence (2.1 or later).
The effect is that you can now bind/link mocl as a whole library under the conditions of the AFL (and thus under the apache licence), but derivations of the implementation must still be LGPL'ed.

Posted by Fadi Chabarek 2004-12-21

Current Project Status


I just want to give you an idea of the project's status, so that you can decide whether mocl and its support fits to your needs.

mocl was developed along my diploma thesis and is now a hobby of mine. It is basically used in academic projects like for example the eve project that develops a framework facilating the exchange of UML models across domains and UML tools (https://sourceforge.net/projects/ciseve/). I know that other academic groups are interested in the framework with respect to model transformation and Model Driven Architecture. ... read more

Posted by Fadi Chabarek 2004-12-17