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Mobloquer is dead. Long live PGL!

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that mobloquer won't be updated again. However, I have started developing a Graphical User Interface for the new PeerGuardian Linux(which is based on nfblock and blockcontrol).

You can find the git repository of the project here:;a=summary

Posted by jimtb 2009-11-11

Mobloquer 0.6 is out

After a longer pause a release again. This time not by jimtb, who has real life time constraints currently; but by me, jre (maintaner of and author of blockcontrol).
This release incorporates changes that jimtb made already last summer. Although they are not completely finished yet, I decided to make a release because of a significant change: mobloquer is based on the IP block daemon MoBlock and the CLI moblock-control. Since the latter changed its name to blockcontrol, I adapted the mobloquer source to have a working release again.
So what you need now is
- mobloquer (from here),
- MoBlock (from and
- blockcontrol (from
You can get Debian/Ubuntu packages of all of them, at read more

Posted by jre-phoenix 2009-03-26

Mobloquer 0.5 is out!

After about one month of development, mobloquer 0.5 is finally here!

This new release brings some really important features I've been planning since I starting creating the program such as the new dialogs which allow the user to easily whitelist IPs through the GUI or remove specific entries from the blockliss.

This is also the first version of mobloquer to have multithreading support. As the program now uses separate threads to execute shell commands the user interface will still remain responsive when these commands are being executed.... read more

Posted by jimtb 2008-04-24

Mobloquer 0.4.1 is out!

This is a bugfix release. Some annoying bugs are now fixed and the work on new features has begun.


Version 0.4.1
FIXED: A bug which caused invalid values to appear in the "Time" column of the "Logs" tab when using moblock 0.9.
FIXED: Improved the way the number of the currently loaded ranges is updated. Now, if the value does not exist in moblock's log, mobloquer will search for the value when moblock is started/restarted.
FIXED: A bug in the way moblock's settings were exported which caused the IP_REMOVE function of the moblock-control script not to work.
FIXED: Improved the mobloquer's behaviour when the temporary files used to store settings and lists are not writable by the program.

Posted by jimtb 2008-03-10

Mobloquer 0.4 is out!

It has been a while since mobloquer 0.3 was released, but during this time there have been many additions and changes to the code. Some useful features have been added and a huge amount of bugs has been fixed in this release. I believe that the program is far more mature, stable and fast but this is of course for you to decide.

You can see the full list of changes below.

Version 0.4
ADDED: Settings now are saved in moblock's default configuration file(/etc/default/moblock) instead of moblock.conf. This way it is easier to keep special configurations after updating/restoring the original file.
ADDED: Moblock 0.9rc2 support.
ADDED: "Details" button next to moblock's status which shows the current iptables rules so that the user can easily check if they are correct.
FIXED: Changed the way the settings are applied. The new configuration files are applied every second if there are any changes and not exactly when those changes were made. This way only one kdesu/gksu window appears, no matter how many changes the user has made.
FIXED: Changed the information displayed in the "Manage" tab. Now the number of the blocked ranges, the number of the blocked connections, as well as the date and time of the last update are displayed.
FIXED: Mobloquer now works if it is started with super user rights. In that case it will just apply the changes without calling kdesu or gksu.
FIXED: Improved the way mobloquer searches for moblock's cron script so that the update frequency now works both with moblock 0.8(ipq/nfq) and 0.9.
FIXED: A bug when restoring column widths in the "Logs" tab which caused wrong column sizes to be applied.
FIXED: A bug which caused the last item in moblock.log to appear as a new item when "Clear Log" button was used.
FIXED: Use a message box instead of a status bar notification to tell the user when moblock needs to be restarted.
FIXED: Replaced tooltips with status tips in various parts of the program so the user can easily understand what each setting does.
FIXED: Fixed a bug which caused mobloquer to use too many resources when the "manage" tab was active.
FIXED: A bug due to which the moblock-control log would not appear at all in the "manage" tab.
FIXED: Improved the formating of the console output.
FIXED: Added the ability to change the default timers' intervals through mobloquer's configuration file(~/.config/mobloquer/mobloquer.conf").
REMOVED: The "Enable IPTABLES_SETTINGS" checkbox. The option is now silently enabled if the user wants to whitelist an IP.
REMOVED: The "Save changes" and the "automatically save changes" actions from the program's menus. The settings now are automatically saved by default.... read more

Posted by jimtb 2008-02-18

Mobloquer 0.3 is out!

Mobloquer 0.3 is finally here!

Only a few days have passed since the latest release of mobloquer but during this time many new features have been added and some old ones have been hugely improved.

Version 0.3
ADDED: Partial moblock 0.9 support.
ADDED: Replaced the "entry information" group box and the Log List Widget with a tree Widget, which provides a column based view. Now the user can easily review the latest blocked entries, their name, type, IP and time, without having to select each of them to get more information.
ADDED: "Clear Log" button in the "Logs" tab.
ADDED: "Add entry" button in the "Blocklists" tab which allows the user to easily add new blocklists.
ADDED: Session saving support. Window size, state and place are now saved. The width of each column in the "Logs" tab is also saved.
FIXED: Improved the behaviour of the "blocklists" tab when changing a blocklist's settings.
FIXED: Update frequency now automatically updates if the script is moved to another location from another program.
FIXED: A bug which caused changes to blocklists not to be saved at all.
FIXED: Window minimze/restore bug. Credit goes to Art_Fowl from for submiting the patches. The window now is restored back to its original position every time.
FIXED: A bug due to which changes would not be reloaded at all if the moblock configuration/blocklists file was externally changed.
FIXED: A bug in the search algorithm for log items which caused problems when items with the same IP but different types appeared in the list.
FIXED: Many memory leaks from object pointers which were never deleted.... read more

Posted by jimtb 2008-01-14

Mobloquer 0.2 is out!

Mobloquer 0.2 has been released.

This release solves a number of small but annoying bugs and adds some interesting new features.

ADDED: Mobloquer settings dialog.
ADDED: Whois dialog, which allows the user to easily learn more about the remote location which was blocked.
ADDED: A better way to check if backups were really created.
ADDED: Fully documented the code using doxygen.
FIXED: A bug due to which the actions in the tray context menu would not update in some cases.
FIXED: The "whitelist" button in the log tab now updates if the IP is blocked again due to an external change in moblock.conf.... read more

Posted by jimtb 2008-01-05

Mobloquer 0.1 is out!

After about two months of development, I am proud to announce the first release of Mobloquer.

The project is far from mature but it is quite stable and the basic features are implemented.
Using Mobloquer, you can easily view the IP addresses which were recently blocked by MoBlock and whitelist any of them with just two clicks. Enabling or disabling blocklists is a piece of cake and tweaking MoBlock's settings is as simple as ever. You can also check the state of the MoBlock daemon anytime and start, restart, stop, reload or update moblock by just clicking on a button.... read more

Posted by jimtb 2007-12-27