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All new!

After receiving a nice, friendly letter from a lawyer telling me that Picross is a registered trademark of Nintendo, I had to take down all Mobile Picross content.
Fortunately this was the kick in the butt I needed to update the game and the site.
Now the game is called Mobile Nonogram (which is safe according to that same lawyer) and it features refreshed 240x320 graphics and has touchscreen support :)
The game and the level editor are better than ever now and available for download again.
Unfortunately I can't offer any old versions of the game for legal reasons.
The website will be back soon.

Posted by Martin Neumann 2010-04-27

Online preview of MobilePicross updated

I finally got around to look for a decent emulator and can now happily announce that the online preview will always be up to date from now on :)

Posted by Martin Neumann 2007-11-10

PicrossEditor v1.1 released

This new release of the PicrossEditor now features drawing by mouse dragging like in a paint program so you don't have to click every single cell and there is an undo and redo function now.

Posted by Martin Neumann 2007-06-27

MobilePicross 1.1 and PicrossEditor 1.0 available

The new version of Mobile Picross features better looks where system fonts are used ( the instructions or in the ingame menu) and there is a level editor available which allows you to create your own levels for Mobile Picross.

Posted by Martin Neumann 2007-06-18

new SVN repository

A Subversion repository for Mobile Picross is now available. It will reflect the progress from Mobile Picross 1.0 to Mobile Picross 2. The initial import features improved looks where System Fonts are used (Instructions and ingame menu) and I began to work on an MIDP 1.0 version.

Posted by Martin Neumann 2007-06-13

Level Editor released

A basic level editor for Mobile Picross is now available. It can read, edit and write Mobile Picross Level files (*.txt)
Support for Levelsets (Mobile Picross *.jar files) is planned to be adde in the near future.

Posted by Martin Neumann 2007-06-13

Mobile Picross v1.0 released

the final version of the game with 12 levels is now available for download

Posted by Martin Neumann 2006-06-27

Mobile Picross v0.9 released

Everything works. The only thing left to add is a level selection menu.

Posted by Martin Neumann 2006-06-24

Mobile Picross v0.8 released

first Alpha release featuring a graphical menu, sound, instructions and one playable level

Posted by Martin Neumann 2006-06-23

improved Game Engine Test with Background Music available

another few steps in the direction of the final Game

Posted by Martin Neumann 2006-06-14

Game Engine Test available

the game is playable for the first time - the engine still needs some enhancements and there is only one level but you can already try how the game is working

Posted by Martin Neumann 2006-05-03

GUI Demo available

I uploaded a GUI Demo so you can check out what the Game's GUI will look like

Posted by Martin Neumann 2006-05-01

display and keypad test available

As I am learning MIDP2 while programming for this project I made a test program to check how I can switch a canvas to fullscreen and how I can access the keys that were pressed

Posted by Martin Neumann 2006-04-27