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New MMC 0.5 release is ready!

In this new release, I added a timer to check mails automatically and the links recognition in messages texts

Posted by GBianchi 2006-10-31

Mail check in polling mode

In the next release I am implementing the automatic check of the inbox and the links recognition in the mails texts

Posted by GBianchi 2006-10-27

New MobileMailChecker 0.1 release is ready!

The first release of MobileMailChecker is online, try it!

Posted by GBianchi 2006-10-20

New project site!

The project site is now online!!

Posted by GBianchi 2006-10-20

The first release is coming soon..

The first release of Mobile Mail Checker is ready and it will be online very soon. Also the project web site is "on the way"..

Posted by GBianchi 2006-10-18