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New maps have been created.

Now we have a lot of new maps:

1) The Lost Temple
2) Azalea
3) Hunters
4) Dead Town
5) Blaze
6) Savanah
7) Money for Talking
8) By Way
9) Old Faithful
10) BlitzX
11) Apocalypse Desert

Аnd probably in next versions there will be these maps:

1) Gaia
2) ICCup Paranoid Android 2.0
3) Longinus
4) Luna The Final
5) Python
6) Reverse Temple
7) Shine
8) Tau Cross

So we are planning to make Lite, Medium and Huge version for cellphones with different Heap and midlet sizes.... read more

Posted by ZaharS 2008-01-03

MobiCraft is unfrozen!

Project was freezed and now we have spare time and project comes back to life.

A lot of code has been changed since last public version. In version for testers color in chat is available. In my working code game even starts, but step calculator is not done.

I urge you to take a part in discussions in forum, ask questions and also post feature requests and your ideas.

PS. Tell Your friends about this project.... read more

Posted by ZaharS 2008-01-02

Map editor (MConfig) version 009 released

Map editor (MConfig) version 009 released.

It looks perfect and works fine.

On any questions about mconfig we can answer in forum.

PS. Hurrah! We are in TOP400 again. Thanks for your interest.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-09-02

Public version 0.5.18 released!

Download now!
A lot of changes.
Now You can talk in international chat.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-08-04

English chat separately from Russian one!

MobileServer for 0.5.18 and later versions will support English chat separately from Russian one.
So now You can enter it and talk, if You know English.

PS. 0.5.18 is coming very soon.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-08-04

We released new 0.5.17.

We released new 0.5.17, but only for our Testers-Group!

If You want it, read how to enter this group in previous news.

Thanks for waiting. MobiCraft Team.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-07-27

Testers Recruiting (Набор тестеров)

The more code we write, the more bugs we create. Of course we try to find them ourselves, but you know... So, we want public Mobicraft versions to be bugless, and we decided to create a group of beta-testers, who will get new versions earlier and will have to find bugs.

So, if you become a tester you will get
1) Ability to test new features earlier than other players
2) Your name will be written in game About =)... read more

Posted by ZaharS 2007-07-24

Vote for us on "2007 Community Choice Awards"

If You like our project, than You can vote for us on "2007 Community Choice Awards"

Go here and vote ( nominate )

We advice You to check this options ( in importance order ).
Best New Project
Best Project for Gamers
Best Project

Thanks for playing, MobiCraft Team.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-06-22

We are in top500 on

We are in top500 on!
Thanks for activity.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-04-21

MobiCraft 0.5.15 released.

Changes in chat on http server.
( Fixes and scrolling added )

Posted by ZaharS 2007-04-21

MobiCraft 0.5.14 released!

Download mobicraft 0.5.14. It's pre-0.6.0 version.
A lot of changes ( mostly http network ).
Get, test and left Your comment in forums.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-04-18

Map editor ( mconfig ) published.

We thanks Winand, who made map editor for our MobiCraft's map format.

Now You can download it and make Your own maps easier in this GUI!

Posted by ZaharS 2007-04-17

Version 0.6.0 is coming.

Duaring few days we plan to release MobiCraft version 0.6.0 with support of multiplayer chat!
So keep vigilant watch on project.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-04-10

Over 350 downloads of our last version of MobiCraft.

We have over 350 downloads ( add source not included in it ) of our last version 0.5.13!

We working over mobicraft midlet and mobicraft php server, and will try to public new version as soon as we can.
Probably 0.6.0 branch will be started in next version.

Be patient and left Your comments in forums.

Goodluck. MobiCraft Team.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-04-06

Server 004 changed hosting, please upgrade bookmarks.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-04-06

Welcome to our new server, version 0.04 !!!

Welcome to our new server, version 0.04 !!!

You should create new users there ( _not necessary_ to give any mail or personal data ).
There is a chat. It's very simple and have prominent bugs ( or inconveniences ), but it'll better soon.

0) it will be accessable from mobicraft midlet.
1) It will be with different channals and probably different servers for different language speaking people, so now just skip Russian or any other language, You don't know.... read more

Posted by ZaharS 2007-04-03

MobiCraft 0.5.13 released!

0.5.14 is coming =)

Posted by Black_FM 2007-03-11

MobiCraft 0.5.12 released!

Good news everyone.

MobiCraft 0.5.12 released!

Very sorry, but change log is still only in Russian.

Download and test now! Do not forget to left responses and wishes in forums.

Posted by ZaharS 2007-03-03

MobiCraft 0.5.11 released!

It's our first release on

Posted by ZaharS 2007-02-25

We are here

Мы заехали на SourceForge.
Ура, товарищи!!!

Posted by Black_FM 2007-02-12