Hi Aimee,

we can't reproduce your problem, because we don't have a system with comparable hardware.
So we have new questions for you:

- Is it possible to increase the DirectFB version to 1.0.1?
- Do you use optimizations for the Code?
- How is the IO-performance of your platform? (There are many messages written to the logfile, that could consume much CPU time)
- Does the system behave quickly after the startup, or is the response from the GUI also slow?

We currently optimizing the startup process. Looking at the logfile sent by you i can see this is urgently needed :-D

Best regards


2007/9/11, Aimee <sailormoonever@gmail.com>:
Hi Bere,

I 'm glad that you respond me so quickly and warmly.

-The platform which we used is the STB810 development  platform developed by PHILIPS. The core is PNX8550 media processing engine  which integrates a 250MHz MIPS32 application processor with dual 240MHz TriMedia DSPs for AV processing. And the develop board contains 128MDDR  and 64MNAND flash which is to save bootloader software and Linux kernel.
-The code package which we used is the subversion code, but the makefile that we used is made by ourselves and we only compiled the OSD plugins including weather, clock, snakegame, calcuator.
-The version of DirectFB which we used is 0.9.25.
-It cost long time from start-up to the display of GUI.
-Please see the attachment about the logfile of morphine.tv .

Best wishes


2007/9/8, Bere@Sourceforge < bere@users.sourceforge.net>:
Hi Aimee,

we need more details to solve your problem.

- Please send us a specific system specification and the version of morphine.tv you use.
- Which code package did you used, to port Morphine.TV (subversion code or the source packages and which version)
- Which version of DirectFB do you use
- Please send us the logfile of morphine.tv (<morphine dir>/logs/logfile).
- Please describe more detailed the performance problems

Best regards

Guido (aka bere)

2007/9/8, Aimee < sailormoonever@gmail.com >:
Dear Developer,
    Firstly,I'd like to say that I really like the Morphine you developed. The function is great and the interface is pretty.
    I am writing this letter to you for the reason that l have some questions below to ask.
    Last week, we made the Morphine run on the embedded platform of a MIPS32 application processor with two powerful DSPs, but the speed was rather slow. I am wondering that why the speed is so slow. The running speed is the matter at present and we urgently want to know that whether there is any optimized measure for the embedded platform? We need your suggestion to enhance the running speed.
    I am looking forward to your reply.Thanks.
    Best wishes!

                                                                                                                                                                                       Yours truly,

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