#6 Need Help Unjar

Ken Wong

Hello Everyone,

I'm a novice to this and also new to installing
mm.MySQL driver to communicate to MySQL DB. When I
downloaded the latest version of mm.MySQL driver
(2.08) from this site and try to unjar it as the
following command:
jar xv jar_filename.jar

Nothing happened. I waited for hours and no files
unjar. What could be the problem? Am I missing any
additional parameters?

Also, can someone point me the right direction where
I can find documentation on how to install the driver
so I could write a JavaBean with DB connection code
using mm.mysql driver to MySQL DB?

I installed JDK v1.3.1 and running MySQL DB on
Windows 2000 machine.

Thanks in advance.



  • 2001-12-06

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    2.08 can be decompressed using WinZip... just open it in
    WinZip. Then you are at the sam point i am... ;-) i was
    looking for some installation guide or something. good luck!

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    hi Ken,

    I'm also a novice to this, but reading the manpage for jar
    I found out that when using the 'x' parameter jar extracts
    from standard input! So to extract all files from
    jar_filename.jar you could type:

    jar xv < jar_filename.jar

    Unfortunately I can't help with your other question. :-)



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    I'm having the same problem, if you got it to work, can you
    point me in the write direction?

  • Bill Shiley
    Bill Shiley

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    I don't know if you got an answer yet about the jar
    command. If you want to have jar read its input from a
    file, you need to use the f switch. The following command
    should work:

    jar xvf jar_filename.jar

    This should extract everything from the specified jar file.

    Hope this helps,


  • joey beltran
    joey beltran

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    Hi Ken,

    Try this site -- http://www.thenetsquad.com/

    I am also stuck.


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    Open the .jar with winzip and extract everything to your
    prefered path/folder. In windows Add the path to the java
    executable in your path statement + c:> set
    Doner!! That's the install. I used the DBVisualizer to make
    use of the JDBC driver and connect to my MYSQL server. 5
    seconds work! And looks great.

    Ave, JHS

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    You need to do 'jar xvf filename.jar'

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    Try jar -xvf <filename>
    - x: extract
    - v: verbose
    - f: filename

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    I had the same problem. The following command will work :)

    jar xvf mm.mysql-2.0.11-you-must-unjar-me.jar


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    i used winzip to extract only mm.mysql-2.xx.jar from the
    mm.mysql-2.xx-you-must-unjar-me.jar file and dropped it
    directly into my jdk1.3xx\jre\lib\ext directory. that seemed to
    work rather than messing with CLASSPATH

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    To create a JAR file
    jar cf jar-file input-file(s)

    To view the contents of a JAR file
    jar tf jar-file

    To extract the contents of a JAR file
    jar xf jar-file

    To extract specific files from a JAR file
    jar xf jar-file archived-file(s)

    To run an application packaged as a JAR file
    (version 1.1)
    jre -cp app.jar MainClass

    To run an application packaged as a JAR file
    (version 1.2 -- requires Main-Class manifest header)
    java -jar app.jar

    source :

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    I've just found at the in order to unjar your mm.mysql-you-
    must-unjar-me.jar file... you need to specify the full path to
    the location of your "jar" file when you issue the "jar xvf"
    For example if your mm.mysql-you-must-unjar-me.jar is
    in "e:\tmp" you should be issuing the following command:
    >jar xvf e:\tmp\mm.mysql-you-must-unjar-me.jar

    I hope this helps...


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    I know this is old, but for the record, I discovered that
    WinZip 7.0 will unjar the file nicely :)