#82 Delayed check on startup, or connection pooling

Burov Dmitry

Though i suggested my parents choose some other free e-
mail service - they registered on the same server as
me, then some of their mates...

Now, when MMM is starting, it checks all the mailboxes
and many of them are on the same server. Server fills
this like hammering and refuses connection.

Disabling checking mailboxes on startup would be too
cruel :)

So may i ask, that ether

1) in mailboxes options there would be delay setting,
so that it would be checked on the startup +xxx seconds

2) MMM wouls check the IP-address of all the mail
servers, then enqueue requests to the same server (same
digital IP-address), so that it would not try many-
many connections to the same very server, instead make
new connection when previous one is closed ?


  • Steve Broom
    Steve Broom

    Logged In: YES

    As a possible work-around, you can set up multiple
    MMM "profiles" - one for yourself, one for each parent, one
    for each of their friends, one for each of their friends
    children and neighbours...

    To do this select File -> New and enter the connections
    details. File -> when finished.

    Each "profile is saved as a .magic file

    There is a quicker way if all the profiles are going to be
    quite similar (same filters etc.) - just make as many
    copies of your .magic file (in the folder where you
    installed MMM) each with a unique name. Access each one in
    turn with File ->Open (they are listed in the File menu
    once you have accessed them). Edit each one (delete any
    mailboxes that are not required for that particular user)
    and File ->Save

    When you, or one of your parents want to check their mail,
    they will now just need to select their profile from the
    File menu.