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MM8LevelEditor development

There are a number of MM8LevelEditor changes in cvs which have not been released. You'll have to download and build the project from source to get them. It will take a bit of work to clean up the source for a stable release as a lot of untested changes have been added since 3.47.

Also, MM8LevelEditor development has pretty much been at an end for a few years due to limitations of the framework.... read more

Posted by Mike Kienenberger 2010-01-04

Tutorials written by Big Daddy Jim

With the permission of Big Daddy Jim, I've made his tutorials on using the MM8LevelEditor editor available for download here.

Posted by Mike Kienenberger 2010-01-04

MM8LevelEditor 3.43 Released: Party.bin (saved game) support

Release 3.43 allows editing of saved game data (party.bin). Many other bin files can now be edited for mm7 and mm8 as well as mm6.

Posted by Mike Kienenberger 2005-05-04

MM8LevelEditor 3.42 Released: Indoor map/support files

Release 3.42 allows editing of indoor maps as well as other supporting bin files. Many improvements for editing outdoor maps have also been made.

Posted by Mike Kienenberger 2005-04-26

MM8LevelEditor 3.40 Released: outdoor map/event editing

Release 3.40 allows editing of outdoor maps as well as event files. Resource types can be edited directly from the editor rather than modified externally. Outdoor maps, events, str files, and txt files have native support. All other files can be edited inline using the raw data display mode. Lod files can now be updated incrementally by appending changes as well as by rebuilding the entire lod file.

Posted by Mike Kienenberger 2005-04-05

MM8LevelEditor 3.30 Released: import resource support

Release 3.30 allows importing of resources to rebuild lod files. Bitmap resources are now properly displayed/extracted/imported as four components. Peliminary support for viewing outdoor maps has been added.

Posted by Mike Kienenberger 2005-03-13

MM8LevelEditor 3.10 Released: Bitmap extraction support

Release 3.10 adds file extraction enhancements. TGA and Sprite resources are now extracted as BMP files. Also, all extracted files are now given reasonable filenames.

Posted by Mike Kienenberger 2004-04-03

Latest CVS Head can now understand all but hwl packing frmts

The latest CVS Head can now understand all MM6, MM7, and MM8 file formats except .hwl. For MM7 and MM8, the d3dbitmap.hwl and d3dsprite.hwl file packing formats have still not been implemented.

Note that while all of the resources in all of the file packing formats (LOD, VID, SND) are now extractable, there are still several resource formats that need to be implemented.

However, at this point, the project has exceeded the capabilities of MM7View, which cannot decode many MM7 and MM8 LOD files. MM7View has support for a few more resource types (primarily fnt files and a few exotic bin files), however, so it is still useful.... read more

Posted by Mike Kienenberger 2004-03-15