Ok I will test on more existing systems and set up the vm if needed.

On Apr 12, 2010 10:32 AM, "Jonathan Thomas" <jonathan.oomph@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Dan!  Sorry to bother you again  I have switched OpenShot from the black.png to the mlt_service color.  That works great.  I actually had the code already programmed, but it was commented out.  I also added the progressive=1 node to the composite transitions.  So thank you for the advice!

However, after updating OpenShot and testing with Debian Unstable and Ubuntu 10.04, there is still an issue with MLT 0.5.2.  Probably the same issue I reported before, but it acts a bit differently when using the mlt_service color as a background.  Instead of having a flickering line in the right margin of the video, all composites have a line on the right edge of the composite. 

An easy way to reproduce it is to use Debian Unstable (or Ubuntu Lucid Lynx), install Kdenlive or OpenShot, and have a clip zoom from 50% to 100% and blend the clip from 0 to 100% alpha.  Or just use "melt" and the example XML file I previously attached.  You will see a line on the right edge of composites.  It doesn't seem to care what kind of producer.  I used a PNG, JPEG, and MP4.

I attached an image to illustrate the problem. 

*  libmlt2        0.5.2-1            multimedia framework (runtime)
*  openshot        1.1.3-lucid1        Create and edit videos and movies
*  python-mlt2        0.4.10-5ubuntu1        multimedia framework (python bindings)
*  libavformat52        4:0.5.1-1ubunt            ffmpeg file format library

I can reproduce this problem with 32 or 64 bit VirtualBox images of both Debian Testing and Ubuntu 10.04.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help debug this. =)


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