On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 3:33 AM, hatsch <hatsch@gmail.com> wrote:
hello everyone,
i am trying to use the great webvfx producer for dynamic content on
our melted playout server.
the profile we are using for SDI (decklink)  playout is dv_pal_wide,

unfortunately the webvfx producer doesn't seem to care about
anamorphic pixels and therefore only shows a canvas of 720x576 in

It is not the responsibility of the webvfx producer to care about that. It only has the responsibility to indicate its pixel aspect ratio as 1.0, which it does here:

It is the responsibility of the automatically added resize and rescale filters to normalize the aspect ratio of the source to the mlt_profile. However, there is also the frame property "aspect_ratio" that still needs to be set, but it does not. When not set, the framework sets the frame's default aspect_ratio to that of the profile. I think this is the problem. Perhaps a change is needed in the framework to set the frame's aspect ratio from the producer's meta. properties.
square pixel where it should be 1024 pixel width for fullscreen.

has anyone an idea how i can get the webvfx producer to show the full
1024x576 webpage and output it to 720x576 anamorph via SDI?

any input or workaround is very appreciated!
You are compiling webvfx yourself? If so, modify mlt/webvfx_producer.cpp:getFrame(). Where you see:
mlt_properties_set_int(properties, "progressive", 1);
Add line:
mlt_properties_set_double(properties, "aspect_ratio", 1.0);

See if that fixes the problem.