Sounds good.  We will start tagging bugs as "mlt-file-compatibility" or "mlt".  We will ask users to test the seeking of videos in "ffplay" as well as test the video with "melt".  If it looks to be an issue just with "melt", then we'll ask them to attach a small sample video which reproduces the issue. 

Hopefully, we'll end up with a clean list of easily testable video clips that have trouble with "melt".  I understand you are busy, so no pressure to fix any of them.  I just want to be sure we document them correctly, get a sample video, and tag them correctly.  So, when you do have time to check them out, they will be useful bug reports. =)


On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 4:44 PM, Dan Dennedy <> wrote:
On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Jonathan Thomas
<> wrote:
> Dan,
> In the OpenShot LaunchPad bug tracker, we get many bugs reported about
> various video file formats and codecs that do not work correctly in melt,
> but work fine with ffplay.  I don't want to bug you all the time about each

When asking people to test in ffplay, it is very important to test
seeking within ffplay as well. If it does not seek correctly (frame
accuracy is desirable but difficult to test in ffplay) or becomes
unstable, unresponsive, or quite broken (e.g. video not updating),
then it is simply incompatible with MLT.

> video that does not work.  How would you prefer these types of bugs be
> reported.

Eventually, I may become a more regular user of your bug tracker, but
I stay busy just *trying* to keep up with Kdenlive let alone doing
things I personally want to do with MLT.

> Preferably, I would like to get a sample of each broken video file, and
> attach it to a bug report in LaunchPad (trying to filter out duplicate

Yes, without a sample or convenient way to recreate the files (like
with a commonly available and free tool or with the same camera that I
own, and all info provided), there is little we can do.

> codecs, etc...), and then we could tag these bugs as "mlt video files", or

Yes, a tag would make it easier for when I do more regularly monitor.
I foresee there can be a file-compatibility tag as well as general MLT

> something similar.  In a way, this would create a "queue" of broken video
> files that MLT devs could work through at their leisure.

It should be noted that I am totally busy with a contract for the next
2 months. That does not mean I will be completely unresponsive, but
the contract takes a much higher priority.