Hi there, it's me again :-)

I'm trying hard to get text-alignment to work with the Pango producer.

Here's my current XML:

<producer id="text-6" in="0" out="129">
<property name="mlt_service">pango</property>
<property name="markup">&lt;i&gt;&lt;u&gt;Title here&lt;/u&gt; &lt;/i&gt;</property>
<property name="fgcolour">0x000000ff</property>
<property name="bgcolour">0x00000000</property>
<property name="family">Tahoma</property>
<property name="align">center</property>
<property name="size">96</property>

From what I read from producer_pango.c and the yml-spec there should be a property "align" which I do set e.g. to center the text - yet the text is always left-aligned, no matter what I do. Am I missing out on something?
I also got this transition to keep the producers output in place:

<transition id="text-6-hold" in="13" out="129">
<property name="a_track">0</property>
<property name="b_track">3</property>
<property name="mlt_service">composite</property>
<property name="geometry">60/120:1800x180</property>

Might something be wrong with this?

Thanks a lot,