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#81 no gtk2 module and very large image produces chroma artifact

Dan Dennedy
Dan Dennedy

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 1:45 AM, Marco Gittler <> wrote:
>> Here is more info on the problem. qimage fails to load that image for
>> whatever reason, so it falls back to producer avformat, but avformat
>> fails to convert it to one of MLT's image formats because it is too
>> big for the build-time limit of libswscale. Producer avformat must be
>> able to convert it because MLT can not handle all of ffmpeg's pixfmts!
>> So, I am not sure what to do about this situation except not to
>> support the combination of no_x11 and large images that are
>> incompatible with qimage.
> on more detail:
> melt qimage:35mm_strip1.jpg length=1 -attach affine transition.geometry="0=0,0:100%x100%" -verbose -debug
> used with . setenv;
> remove the gtk2 mlt module from modules dir , produces an color issue.

Yes, this is similar to the above. In the absence of gtk2 module and a
very large image that exceeds the compile-time limit of libswscale, it
falls back to some very poor, inbuilt, unworthy scaler. I could try to
fix that, but I will not bother because I have better things to work
on and one can use pixbuf or make simple patch to increase libswscale
limit. It should be farily easy to add a qimage-based scaler, but I
must request that as contribution at the moment so I can resume work
on other things already in progress.