Released 2013-sf-3: Box scores and Standings

New in the third Sourceforge release for 2013:

  • Box scores ('x')
  • Standings ('g')

With 2013-sf-2, keybindings are now configurable so these can be changed with the BOX_SCORES and STANDINGS actions (see README for details on custom keybindings.)

Standings are not updated in real-time but they are updated once a day. The update time will be displayed in the standings window.

Also included in 2013-sf-3 are various bug fixes for line score and master scoreboard view related to less frequently encountered statuses like "Suspended" and "Completed Early."

Jump to Innings has been enhanced to remove all mention of extra innings except for live games whose last available half inning may be an extra inning. Once the game is complete, there will be no indication that a game went to extra innings.

Jump to Innings has been fixed so that a game can be started in any half inning including extra innings instead of being limited to the first 9 or "E" for the Top of the 10th. It is now possible to directly jump to B12 if there is a bottom of the 12th inning available.

Posted by Matthew Levine 2013-04-20