Cinco De Mayo Release - It's Finally Here

BREAK OUT THE CERVEZA, the Cinco De Mayo release has arrived to the party!

The first Sourceforge release for mlbviewer for the 2009 season is finally here.

There have been a lot of changes to the MLB.TV service for the 2009 season and many of them for the better.

Included in mlbviewer for the 2009 season:

+ NexDef support! Full 3000K HD streams!
(Actual results will depend on system and network performance) (MLB.TV Premium users only)

+ HD indicator shows you whether the highlighted game and selected stream is available in HD. If you select the alternate stream (Home or Away), it will tell you if that stream is available in HD. (Premium users only)

+ Home and Away video stream selection (Premium users only)

+ Home and Away audio stream selection (All users)

+ On-the-fly disable NexDef support (No process killing like you'd have to with the Flash player)

+ Video follow, like audio follow from last year, you tell mlbviewer which team(s) you prefer to watch/listen to, and it will always select that team's broadcast whether they are home or away team (Premium users only for video follow, all users can use audio follow)

+ Live games, live from start: Any live game you can choose to start from Top of the 1st even while the game is still in progress (Premium users only)

But, change isn't always easy. There are two very important documentation files included in this release that should be read BEFORE attempting to run These are the REQUIREMENTS-2009.txt which describes installing supporting software and applying patches to MPlayer for VERY* recent H.264 fixes for MLB.TV playback. (*These fixes came in the last couple of weeks so they are probably newer than any binary distributed with your Linux package management system.) The other file is the README which describes the basic operation of mlbviewer and highlights changes for the 2009 season.

While there has been extensive testing and discussion going on in the LinuxQuestions forum, this should still be considered alpha level, somewhat unstable code (but probably at least as stable as the Flash player.)

Lastly, I regret to say that as of 5 May 2009, live video for non-NexDef users is still not working. There is an open issue with FFmpeg and we hope for a resolution soon. In the meantime, archived video, live and archived audio, and live and archived video for NexDef users does work.

Posted by Matthew Levine 2009-05-05