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mlboost-lite, flayers and digipy branches

To create easy_installable demo of digipy used in the main presentation on Machine Learning Empowered by Python at the montreal-python group meeting in april, I have branched out mlboost-lite, flayers and digiy on bitbucket.

Posted by fraka6 2009-04-18

ICU2 alpha 32g

ICU2 is a real-time bi-directional web mpg1 black and white video conference tool. It was written in C++ on top of UDP. Between 1999 and 2003, our goal (Laurent and Francis Pieraut) was to create the faster low bandwith video conference tool on the web.

Posted by fraka6 2009-02-07

mlboost 0.3 and pyflayers 0.1 are available

I am please to annonce the release of mlboost 0.3 that include pyflayers 0.1 (python swig wrapper to the c++ flayers neuralnet lib).
This lib will be used for the next montreal-python presentation in feb 2009 in Montreal.

Posted by fraka6 2009-01-27

mlboost alpha 1 and flayer beta 1 are now available

I am please to announce the first release of mlboost. It includes flayers library packages.
I have add some snapshots to give you some flavor of those 2 packages.

Posted by fraka6 2007-12-06